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Signature Branding : Taglines, Product Labels, Branded Merch

Gut Check, nestled in Loomis, California, is more than a teaching kitchen; it's a vibrant hub where people come together to learn no-nonsense nutrition and savor the pleasures of real food cooking. Stacey, the passionate founder and nutritionist, approached us to create a brand experience that resonated with her core philosophy and would help expand her reach to inspire families everywhere. The result: a brand that radiates fun, simplicity, and freshness and their tagline, 'Mother Forking Good' captures the essence of it all.


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Signature Branding : Taglines, Messaging, and Pitch Decks

Prima, a first-generation Latina-founded experiential marketing agency specializing in event design, production, and consulting, approached our studio with a determined vision. They sought to launch a high-end brand experience that celebrated their rich Latin heritage while ushering in a new era in events spotlighting diverse talents. Collaboratively, we crafted a bilingual brand that resonates with their core values and commitment to clients, exemplified in their taglines, 'Expect Attención' and 'All Eyes on Tú.

christyl clear events

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Brand Blitz : Taglines,  Stationary Suite

Christyl, the visionary behind Christyl Clear Events, approached us with the aspiration to enhance her brand's presence in a new region. With her extensive industry experience, it was time for her branding to reflect her meticulous, serene, and sensory approach to weddings, hospitality collaborations, and branded events.


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Signature Branding & Website Design : Taglines, Product Naming & Design, Branded Clothing & Products

Zoe Coffee & Tacos mobile dining catering enlisted our help seeking a complete brand overhaul that would embody the essence of love, life, and connection found in food and coffee. Primarily catering to the wedding industry, we crafted a distinctive brand that broke away from traditional catering norms, celebrated the joy of casual and delectable dining, and exuded love. Our design captured the vibrant and bold flavors of their offerings, reflecting their unwavering commitment to clients and creating an experience that feels like family.


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Signature Branding, Messaging, Website Design.

Ari, the enchanting skin magician behind Ari Esthetics, needed a cohesive brand and website to capture her non-traditional style and connect with clients who often felt alienated from conventional beauty businesses. The resulting branding and website not only reflect Ari's unique approach but also contributed to building her business by connecting with a diverse and appreciative clientele.


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Signature Branding, Messaging,  Website Design.

Chelsea, the innovative founder of The Dancer's Pantry sought out Brand Junkie Creative when she realized that her self-designed aesthetic was constraining her aspirations of reaching a more upscale clientele. Recognizing the need for a transformation, we crafted a brand that mirrored the intricate and refined essence of her charcuterie and cheese grazing boards, resulting in rapid business growth. The success led to a retail expansion, and we created a seamless brand for 'The Shoppe,' solidifying Chelsea's standing in the Sacramento creative community.


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Signature Branding & Website Design : Taglines, Store Signature, Vehicle Wrapping, Branded Clothing.

Kendra, the creative visionary behind Hip Hooray Company, realized her branding didn't align with the high-end, exquisite balloon installations she crafted. Seeking to establish herself as the go-to choice for upscale balloon decor and styling in the Sacramento area, she turned to us for a brand identity and website makeover. We crafted two taglines, 'Party goals, elevated!' and 'Unforgettable Events,' which not only serve as guiding principles for the client experience but also encapsulate the unparalleled joy that partygoers experience.


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Signature Branding : Taglines, Packaging, Custom Icons

After DIY branding for years, HEX Botanicals in Grass Valley, California, turned to us to create a more impactful and memorable brand experience. Aimee, the owner, yearned for a clearer brand message and visuals to distinguish her from other houseplant-focused businesses. Together, we crafted a brand that reflected her botanical expertise, while also highlighting her unique plant-based products and reflecting the earthy mythical magic that pulses through every corner of her shop.


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Signature Branding : Taglines, Branded Merchandise, Labels & Packaging

Ready to take their business to new heights, Sugar Sweetery co-owners, Candace and Justine, sought our expertise to transition from a homemade logo to a polished and professional brand experience that felt extra friendly and sweet. Our goal was to infuse joy, connection, and celebration into their brand, echoing the happiness their baked goods bring. Their taglines, 'We Bake You Smile,' 'Sweet State of Mind,' and 'Sugar HI!' perfectly embody the essence of their brand commitment to clients.

Kimberly Prince

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Signature Branding : Taglines, Patterns, Print Collateral

Kimberly Prince sought our expertise to shape her personal brand as a leading Sacramento area real estate agent and mentor for aspiring female agents seeking a fulfilling career-life balance. Her vision was to become known more than an agent, but as a friend and resource for Sacramento area neighborhood restaurants, lifestyle, and connections. Through taglines such as "Redefining Home & Happiness," "Possibility is Knocking," and "Real Estate Done Differently," Kimberly effectively communicates her commitment to both homebuyers and future agents."


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Signature Branding, Messaging, Website Design

Kailee Sullins enlisted our expertise to establish herself as the premier NBR extensions stylist in the Bay Area. Together, we developed a distinctive brand and website that not only showcased her expertise but also reflected the refined preferences of her clientele. Our collaboration aimed to distinguish Kailee from DIY stylists, creating a cohesive brand identity that positions her as a top-tier stylist meeting the elevated standards of her discerning clientele.